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You are outgoing, many-sided developed person? Want to find interesting work in the city of Koforidua? The guide city classifieds. Welcome to the site! Open vacancy for the position of tour guide. To apply you just need to leave the online application form. You want sociable person, able to work with the audience. Need employee, preferably with higher humanitarian education, who will faithfully perform their duties, possess competent speech, good diction, artistry. To buy a tour. You are guaranteed official employment in the city Koforidua, convenient schedule, good wages, accompanied by a possible premium for the excellent performance of their duties. The undoubted advantage is the possibility to visit different cultural places in different countries, meeting new, interesting people.

Especially profession guide

The guide - this is a very exciting and prestigious profession in the city of Koforidua. Visiting new interesting places, traveling to different cities and countries is what distinguishes her among the many other specialties. The specifics of the guide is to direct people, in which the specialist should not just tell about one or another cultural-historical values, but also to interest the sightseer. Main task: to attract the attention of every tour member and report the most interesting, memorable information. Private tour guide. The work of the guide takes place in three stages. The first specialist is developing the route, the choice of which depends on the theme of the tour and its purpose. In order to make the excursion in Koforidua took place without a hitch, the guide is obligated to advance all of to carefully plan the number of places to visit, the number and duration of stops. Private guides. When this is taken into account the composition of the audience and the different characteristics of tourists. The second phase consists in the selection of information and the preparation of the text of the tour. Of course, the speech of the guide during operation planned in advance.

To do this, the specialist picks up information and interesting facts from various sources: books, journal and newspaper articles, archives, the Internet. However, the tour guide in the city of Koforidua should always be ready to answer additional questions that may arise from the tourists during the tour. It is imperative to examine alleged sites from all sides. And finally, after all the preparation moments, the guide will meet the group of tourists and conducts the excursion in accordance with all planned activities. This is the third and final stage of the work. The guide city classifieds. Many people think that the job guide is hopeless, believing that life will have to go the same route. And it is in vain. As in any other profession here possible career. Almost every employee in Koforidua begins with tours of local character. In the process, the skill of the guide is improved, it is possible to obtain additional education. And now you have reached the level of the guide of the highest class, traveling with groups of tourists in different countries. And after a while became a Manager, coordinating the work of the whole Department. Your career is in your hands!

Requirements for applicants for the position of tour guide

The applicants for the position of tour guide special requirements. In the first place, of course, are communicative and interpersonal skills. The ability to quickly establish rapport with new people in the city of Koforidua and find a way out of any situation necessary. To buy a tour. And for this it is important to have particular personal qualities, competent and well-delivered speech, artistry and resourcefulness. Working with people is not possible without patience and balance. Tourists have different nature and characteristics, and accordingly, during the tour, you can experience various situations in which you need to guide should control themselves and their emotions.

Can not do in the profession of a tour guide without endurance. Work almost always takes place under the open sky. Regardless of the weather, the tour must take place, because people have paid money for it. Of course, in the process the guide has a lot of walking. Greeters guide. Candidate for the position of the guide in the Koforidua should have a broad Outlook and erudition. Required knowledge in various fields: foreign languages, art, painting, music, architecture, history and others.

  1. Complete the online application
  2. Enter your education and work experience
  3. Confirm that you want to find a job by answering a call from an agent
  4. Pass an interview, submit all the necessary documents and get a paying job

How to get a guide?

The employment guide using the site in the city of Koforidua will not take you a lot of your personal time. After all, you don't have to dig through various ads in the search for jobs, visit numerous tourist agencies and companies. Just Express online application for employment. Note that the decision about hiring you is largely dependent on the accuracy and correctness of any data. Sightseeing tour. The application is especially careful to fill in all the required data for feedback. In some sections you need to provide information about your education and work experience in the profession of a tour guide, if any. The system will calculate and show you your future estimated earnings. You will be contacted by a human resources specialist in Koforidua for confirmation of the desire to get a job as a tour guide. Good luck in your interview and future employment!


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